my fall thrift list

Most thrift stores don't carry a lot of true vintage-- items from the 1970s or 1960s or even earlier. But many do carry a lot of stuff from the early and mid '90s and lucky for me, that's a bit of what we're seeing in styles right now.

This doesn't mean grab the first pair of pleated pants or floral vest you find on the rack-- instead, thrifting '90s styles means carefully searching for just the right item. These are the things that I am looking for right now on the racks of my local second-hand stores.


>> button-up blouse: From denim ones to plaid ones and great solids-- I love button-up blouses for the versatility they offer. They're great layered or worn just with a nice pair of jeans. (Pictured button-up blouse from Gap)

>> plaid skirts: Plaid is everywhere-- plaid pants (love, love these ones from Loft), plaid tops and plaid skirts. There are definitely some plaid or tweed skirts to be found in the depths of your local Goodwill. (Pictured plaid skirt from Madewell)

>> slouchy sweater: Slouchy, comfortable, loose-- sweaters are in and they don't have to be perfect. Snag a comfy one for a casual day at work or get a thicker cabled one for layering over your thrifted blouse. :) (Pictured sweater from Nordstrom)

>> leather skirt: Leather is everywhere this fall and I really like it in a longer skirt. Definitely don't go for a shorter leather skirt-- unless, well, I won't go there. But I've already found a few leather and suede skirts but have yet to find one in my size. Don't worry-- I'm still hunting. (Pictured skirt from DKNY via Macy's --this Karen Kane skirt also looks great.)

>> turtlenecks: People with cold necks, rejoice; the turtleneck sweater is back. There are lots of these out there and perfect for the chillier months ahead. (Pictured turtleneck from Banana Republic.)

are you a thrift-store shopper? Anything you're hunting for? I should mention that I am also constantly on the lookout for an army-style jacket and blazers.

xo, erika

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  1. Love a good thrift store :) I've had good luck with sweaters, particularly the grandpa kind haha Never had as much luck with pants or skirts, but I always have a look.

  2. Okay, can I just say--I am SO happy turtlenecks are coming back! I'm the person who wears a scarf nearly every single day in the winter because I absolutely hate having a cold neck--and turtlenecks just make it that much better ;)

  3. Okay so first of all, I have a thrift list as well that I've developed for my blog, so obvi I'll be sending you that link once live. Second, I found a black and white gingham shirt just like the one you have up there at Value Village. Second, the Ballard Value Village has two REAL leather skirts like the one above. Yay!


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