leopard print is a neutral


I started out wearing leopard flats.

I think I honestly have consistently owned leopard flats for the past 6 years. At a minimum. Turns out when I like something, I really like something -- to the point of even purchasing the exact same flats a year later. (Nordstrom, I'm still upset that you no longer sell those perfect leopard flats.)

But I remember getting those little leopard flats and thinking -- at the time-- that they were super wild and crazy flats-- leopard flats that had had faux calf hair on them!

Now I'm wearing a leopard shirt. A thrifted leopard shirt.

It's little things like this that I really love about style. I love the little things that I push myself on-- not to have the latest and greatest thing, but to push myself to be more confident-- to wear things that I really love. Like a touch of leopard print. Which, honestly, or so style magazines tell me (major confession -- I love fashion magazines) tell me is just a neutral to begin with.

Are there styles or things that you push yourself to try?

xo, erika

blazer: c/o wallis fashion
top: thrifted
jeans: urban outfitters (if you've never tried their bdg jeans, I highly reccommend them-- and they're even made in the u.s.)
shoes: seychelles

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  1. I have wanted a pair of leopard print flats...and would totally think I'm wild wearing them! I pushed myself to try a few tunics that just didn't work (awkward length).

  2. totally agree about leopard being a neutral. i have a perfect pair of smoking loafers (i feel like that's not the right terminology, but you know what i mean) from target and they are getting kind of worn! def time for a new pair soon! this top is so cute, and i'm loving your shoes!

  3. I also love me some animal print! I'm partial to snakeskin. I push myself to try things with really feminine detail. I naturally lean towards more edgy styles. For example, I bought a bracelet with skulls the other day so then I felt I had to go out and buy bow earrings to balance out!

    Gorgeous blazer! xo


  4. My favorite shoes!

    I've been pushing myself with color lately... More mix 'n match with the clothes, fearlessly wearing red lipstick... It's been fun!

  5. I've noticed over the past few months that I've been wearing A LOT more leopard print than I thought! From dresses to shirts, they just look so cute! I have a pair of leopard print flatts and the first day I wore them, I got a compliment on how awesome they were.

    I was once told (by a cashier at a clothing store) that 'Leopard print is the new black'. I though she was insane at the time, but now I totally get it!

  6. I loveeee this outfit! I decided I'd try a maxi dress - because I rarely wear dresses, but the length seemed comfortable and I wasn't worried I'd flash someone! I absolutely love pairing a maxi with a cute cardigan, or even a t-shirt. Definitely a new favorite style!

  7. Love the combo and your heels are so cute. Your hair is adorable by the way too.


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