friday links

I want to share more of the good stuff I find on the big, wide internet because as much as I love instagram, I love blogs and all the work they go into more.

1. browned butter, caramel and coconut apple crumble from top with cinnamon. need i say more?
2. a beautiful 40s-inspired fashion photo shoot on the glitter guide
3. i've loved this series on marriage from little things + big stuff
4. pumpkin cranberry rolls yesssss please on girl vs dough.
5. caroline has some mad sewing skills and she just released a ebook with two skirt patterns

other good stuff...
> this post on naptime diaries about finding your style -- no more of "oh, I wish I could wear that"
> are you right-brained or left-brained? I was surprised that I'm "left-brained!" But why can I not do math...?
> some (blog) food for thought from Anna of IHOD about why she almost quits blogging each month
> I love quinoa AND granola so clearly I need to make quinoa granola, stat.

what does your weekend look like? I'll be hosting a bachelorette party over on Whidbey Island and I'm hoping it's more relaxing than frantic. :)

xo, erika


  1. Whidbey Island? Girl, that is not that far away!! More details!!

  2. Love all your links! The food looks delish and the thoughts on blogging are so on point. I've got a youth group I've started helping with tomorrow night, but other than that just some family time :) The next few weekends in November are looking pretty busy! Hope you have a relaxing weekend :) xo

  3. i would love to style a time era photo shoot one day like that one you listed. so inspiring!

  4. Lots of cleaning and moving furniture this weekend! Lots of computer gaming, and board gaming, as well. :D Catching up! Doing lots! Woo!


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