12 hours in San Francisco


I think life is largely one giant learning experience. This past Saturday is an example of a learning experience. 

Back in July, I was invited by Brit of Brit & Co to attend her Re:Make conference and have a booth at the conference's handmade show. I knew that I would be at Influence the week before and at a wedding the weekend prior, so I decided to just fly down for the handmade show. Fly in at 8, fly out at 8; 12 hours in San Fran. Totally doable.

Just because something is doable, doesn't necessarily mean it's good.

Coming off of Influence, I was exhausted. And really far behind, (of course), so I spent a great deal of last week sewing and prepping for Re:Make. I stayed up until 1 a.m. Friday and got up at 4 to catch my 6:15 flight. Not a great start to the show.

I was in San Francisco just after 8 a.m. and it was a glorious, randomly sunny day (I've actually never been to SF when it hasn't been freezing and foggy.)

I met Julie of Julie Ann Art, who had her car broken into the prior night while she stayed at a friend's place. We drove to Re:Make in her car, two windows bashed out, chunks of glass still littering the seats.

Even less of a great start to the show.

Thankfully, one of her friends volunteered to drive her car to the shop while we sold at Re:Make.

Unfortunately we didn't do a lot of selling at Re:Make. The show was largely a DIY-centric show and people could make free necklaces, decorate free cupcakes and explore other free booths. I couldn't compete with free cupcakes. So needless to say, the show wasn't exactly financially what I expected.

And by 8:15 p.m. I was back on the plane, heading back to Seattle.

I feel like I could be bitter about my weekend. It was another weekend I spent away from home (the third this month), the fourth weekend away from the husband, another week leading up to an event that left me sleep deprived.

Today, as I sat on my deck, sipping coffee in the sunshine of this morning, I decided to think of it differently. Yes, it was not ideal. I am still tired, but I know now that I cannot say yes to everything-- even things that seem great.

When I started this little handmade business of mine I said yes to every thing that came my way from discounts for people to custom bags to events. In doing so, I was not valuing my time or my talents. I wasn't giving myself margins.

I'm trying to work on margins-- trying to work on deciding what should be said yes to and what things I should turn down. Sure, sometimes I'll make mistakes in my decisions, but I know that I need to prayerfully consider each opportunity, rather than blindly storming ahead.

So San Fran, you were great. Thanks for the sunshine and the free cupcake. But next time, I'll take time to make a better decision before visiting again. 

xo, erika

dress: Ruche (previously worn as a bridesmaid dress-- we all picked out our own dresses)
belt: off a different dress
boots: ebay

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  1. Sometimes we have to go through something that it's all that great in order to learn a good lesson--and it sounds like a good lesson learned!

  2. Wow, that sounds exhausting! I'm sorry sales-wise it wasn't what you had hoped for (I've had many of those moments this year!). Having your own business is definitely all about learning new things (and making mistakes along the way) and it sounds like you have learned a lot since you first started!

  3. Oh no!! I'm sorry that your weekend wasn't quite as wonderful as you had hoped!! But I really admire your positive outlook!! I really need to think that way more often!! I hope you + your husband get to spend this weekend together!! PS I love your dress!! xoxo

  4. dang. that's the suck. way to have perspective, friend.

  5. Good for you trying to see the good side of things! Oh and I was in SF this weekend... great weather! That happens once a blue moon ;)

  6. Beautiful photos!! :)



  7. I hate when that happens. when you say yes to something and soon realize it probably wasn't the best idea. I have SO been there! And I still do it. I am learning and working hard to not make the same mistakes, but I always have this annoying optimistic side that thinks "maybe this time it will be different..." :)

  8. This is so hard. But hopefully you made some additional networking connections and learned new things about your business that you can apply to future events. If so, then it wasn't a waste of time or energy :).


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