wear: noonday necklace

Some days I want to put together a complex outfit-- something with layers and creativity. Other days, I'll settle for a plain tee dressed up with a statement necklace.

That's the best thing about necklaces and scarves-- they're a no-fail, dress-the-outfit-up option with not a whole lot of commitment or work.

I'm especially loving this statement necklace from Noonday Designs. Artisans from all over the world design and make stunning accessories for a living wage that are then sold around the world. In many places, being a Noonday artisan is a way for someone to get out of poverty and take control of their future.  (learn more about that here.)

There are a lot of gorgeous pieces-- to be honest I had a hard time picking out something. I'm wearing the Ruth necklace in gray and turquoise but I love the Goldrush necklace and the Evening Horizon necklace.

so what about you? scarf girl or more about statement necklaces?

xo, erika

jeans, top: thrifted (score!)
necklace: noonday designs
boots: Nordstrom


  1. Great idea! Simple touch yet highly effective :) Im rubbish with accessories, really never know what to wear with what, but I for sure will be trying this!


  2. Definitely more of a scarf girl but can't say that I'm completely opposed to a great necklace!

  3. Eeee, that's a stunning necklace, and such a pretty outfit!!! I'm half-and-half. I love scarves, and I love statement necklaces. I let my mood, and outfit, guide me!


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