winter blast

Despite it's penchant to rain, Seattle really isn't that cold.

Which is why, when it snows, the entire city holds its breath in anticipation, whether in fear (oh my gosh! I'm stranded) or in sheer wonder (snowflakes! so pretty!) I'm more of the latter. As the rest of the United States was hit by blizzard after blizzard, Seattle stayed in the low '40s, gray, some rain. Borrrring.

Last week, Seattle decided to get with the winter programming and it snowed...and it was cold. But it's near March, and despite the beauty of snowflakes, I'm ready for s p r i n g!!

Of course, 29 degrees is nuthin' compared to the rest of the States. My question is how do people even deal with 4 degree temperatures? And you're probably wondering how I deal with so much gray. (I'll address that in another post.) :)

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