pup's first valentine

I didn't do so well with Valentine's Day this year.

I had so many grand plans. Plans for cards mailed out ahead of time so they arrive in mailboxes on the 14th.  Cookies from scratch for work.

The only thing I achieved was a handmade card for the husband and a French press. [The gift of a French press is slightly selfish-- I knew he wanted it, but at the same time, it was an encouragement for him to not buy Starbucks as much.] ;)

Getting home from work I decided I needed to do something for Valentine's Day. And that something ended up being valentines given vicariously through the pup.

So I fished out my crayons [yes I own crayons... don't you?] and the pup and I [well mostly me] put together some Valentines for his favorite neighbor doggie friends.

Yes I have the deluxe 120 crayon box. I know you're jealous.

Nesby the puppy is quite the artist

I stuck the card in a baggie with some treats [mom why you giving away my cookies?!]

and off we were for delivery!  

Now the husband is cooking me dinner and I'm blissfully blogging. Life is good. :)

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