love letter

I know. 

It's a little strange. But to those of you out there who have used a crock pot-- you know what I'm taking about.
Throw some stuff in, turn it on, and come home hours later to dinner. It's brilliant and I'm not sure why it sat so long in the closet in its box after I got married. I was missing out big time. 

So yesterday the husband was sick and I knew he needed something hearty. 
Enter the pot roast plus some carrots, onions and beef broth. (Plus a little splash of worchester suace.) Voila. Dinner for days.

Now where are my apron and pearls?

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  1. I am with you 100% on the crock pot love! Thank you for the support about my rut. :) Taking a break will definitely help. But now I'm going through sewing withdrawal - ha! Hopefully inspiration will strike soon!


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