my momma and me

I think I get my crafty-ness from my mom. Not a sly personality, but a love to create and design.

While I am more on the creative, artsy (read unorganized & whimsical) end, my mother has a gift for interior design. While I could put together a somewhat decent room, my mom knows exactly why something does or doesn't work. Which is why, when my guest/craft room became a shamble of mismatched finds from Goodwill, I called upon my mom and her business partner to figure it all out.

And slowly but surely, they're putting together a room that I'm already obsessed with.

It's not done by any means, the walls need another coat of paint in places and nothing is quite organized, but there are pieces that are already (at least to me) completely magical:

the inside of the painted dresser drawers. Some adhesive & cute paper & my momma :)

the headboard. plywood + foam + fabric + staple gun... and again, my momma

Goodwill desk + chair on the side of the road I spotted + yellow spray paint. (the doggie is Bridget)

It makes me want to craft! [not that I needed the encouragement... ] :)

Where do you guys craft? Before this, it was on the kitchen table, much to the dismay of my husband...

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  1. We had our second kid 6 months ago....I took over what should've been his room. He's bunking with his 2 y.o. sister. =) A sane mommy is better! Cute bright colors in your room! I'm still working on mine.


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