was i the only one?

I didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday.
I didn't eat nachos, chili or barbecued pork sliders.

The only beer I had was after dinner, and it was in a bottle.

Instead, I tackled my guest/craft room, with the help of Nesby the puppy.

It's not close to done, but here's a little tease:

The walls ended up a warm yellow, which really make the gorgeous painted dresser pop. My mom, a talented spray-painter, redid this vintage dresser in a lovely Tiffany blue. Did you know that Sherwin Williams can customize spray paint for you with any latex paint? You're no longer limited to the few elementary school colors that Home Depot carries. 

My inspiration for this room comes largely from the blog House of Turquoise. Lover of all things aqua? Check it out, especially this adorable country cottage :

More photos here

See more of this adorable kitchen at houseofturquoise.com

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment and follow! My love of all things teal/aqua is immeasurable! I'm super excited to start Indie Biz and get to know you better! Have a fantastic Monday!


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