indie 3.0

Raise your hand if you liked school growing up.

 I did. A lot.

In first grade, my parents told me that I had to miss a day of school because we were going on a family road trip. As they packed the car that morning, I told them I was going to school anyway and walking down to the bus stop. I strapped on my backpack and walked down the driveway.

I wasn't too defiant; I only made it to the end of the block. My mom watched me dart from bush to bush in the neighbor's yard as she continued to load the van.

I'm well out of school but recently I just enrolled in what should be my favorite school yet: Indie Business 3.0.

I can not wait to learn all that I can from brilliant handmade business women Leigh-Ann, Jill and Lisa.

I'm kind of making this whole handmade business thing up as I go along and I need direction... really any direction.

So I'm sharpening my pencils {real and imaginary} and counting down the days until the first day of class.

 {I can hardly wait.}

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  1. me too! I just wrote the schedule in my planner! yay!


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