here comes the brides...maid

I'm in three weddings in the next 5 months.

Some people scrunch up their face in horror when I share this bit of news, but in fact I'm ecstatic. Each of them are marrying wonderful, wonderful guys and I can't wait to share in their day. (awwww)

And luckily the brides each have good taste in bridesmaid dresses, so there won't be any of this:

featured on tackyweddings.com
Or this beauty on uglydress.com:
See it in it's full glory here
In fact one of the brides has given us freedom to pick out our own dress, in navy blue.

"Go on ModCloth.com," she instructed us.

With pleasure.

Or how about the online shop Ruche? Their latest lookbook has made me feel proud to be a redhead for once. Do you see how cute the model is? Divine.

Spring 2011 Ruche

p.s. Do you have an ugly bridesmaid dress rotting in your closet ala 27 dresses? Check out this post from Apartment Therapy with instructions on how to make that beast a pleasing pillow.

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  1. "proud to be a redhead for once"??? Embrace these locks of golden fire! (I say this as if I'm extremely confident in my own fiery-ness. which I'm not always) But you should be!



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