valentines day

I hated Valentines Day growing up.

First of all, I usually got sick that week and during the classroom party was at home on the couch stuck with daytime television. (And we didn't have cable.)

And, secondly, as I got older, there was the whole competition to see who got more roses, more cards, more chocolate...more LOVE.

Most of the time it felt like I was the one on the sidelines, knobby-kneed, freckled and unlucky. Duped by Hallmark into thinking that Valentine's Day meant that it was about how much I could get, rather than how much I could give.

This year I'm excited for Valentine's Day, and not just because I'm married and guaranteed a gift.  I'm excited to make things and mail things and show others that the holiday is much more than a greeting card company invention.

I'm sharing a few {free!} things out there to celebrate Valentine's Day with you all. Enjoy!

--> I love love love this free DIY download from adorable stationary site Twig & Thistle.
Download the printable PDF at twigandthistle.com

--> Here's another free! (and paperless) way to share your love to all of the interwebs (first spotted on jenloveskev):

screenshot of withoutyouitsjustnot.us
A piece of the back story:
"I started this project for three reasons. First, to show my wife how much I love her. Second, to give others a simple way to do the same for their significant others. Third, and probably most important, is to help show people how good it is to love and be loved. My hope is that when people start participating and posting flyers, others would see the flyers and notice the movement."
How great is that?

And the final freebie, maybe not for your honey, but for anyone, from Amanda at Calico & Co:
image care of Calico & Co

Create five postcards and post 'em around your hometown, on your bus, at your grocery store to share a little love during February. There are even downloadable postcard templates.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?


  1. Thank You!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. your blog is darling and so fun! :) and by the way i dislike valentine's day a great deal even though i am a lover of hearts. i feel like the media puts expectations out there that are unreachable...:)gina


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