what i wore

So it would make sense to write "what I wore Wednesday" but I cheated; this is what I wore Tuesday:

I'm outside my little house and I'm such a mean wife because I dragged the husband outside to take the photo. (He's sick and was sitting on the couch, surrounded by various cold medicines.)

Dress: Vintage Goodwill find, hemmed & altered by me (done a little too quickly, unfortunately)
Cardigan: Marshalls 
Tights: Fred Meyer 
Boots: Nordstrom (big splurge a year or so ago)
Headband: New creation by me

I just started a new line of elastic headbands with a simple flower and feather and am really excited about them, especially my new one in yellow. It's so cheerful and bright for spring. I'm doing my best to find comfortable elastic because I think most stretchy headbands end up being too tight on my head!

isn't it cheerful and fun?

Check out the new listed headbands here and here.


  1. Erika...you are totally cute and so is your outfit! Your headbands are adorable also. Wishing you best of luck with them! ♥

  2. Thanks April! It means a lot to me to hear that you like the headbands! :)

  3. goodness, you're cute! love that headband :)

    i'm doing my first WIWW post next week & i've been embarassed every day asking my hubs to take a picture of me haha


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