wear: thrifted suede skirt

I'm on this fall skirt kick. I've pinned a ton of them, window shopped for them (online and off) and finally made time to thrift for them.

And luckily, I had some major luck crossing something off my fall thrift list. It's not exactly the leather skirt I envisioned (and I'm sure I'll find that one of these days), but I've decided it's even better: it's suede and a gorgeous red-plum color. Perfect for fall, right?

Side note: once upon a time, I had a faux suede skirt in high school and it even had FRINGE. Imagine that, if you can. I kind of wish I still had it.

xo, erika

top: Old Navy
scarf: gift
skirt: thrifted!
tights: Target
boots: DSW

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  1. Haha!! Kind of glad this one doesnt have fringing!! ;) Gorgeous find!

    Faded Windmills

  2. I maybe gasped a little at this skirt. GORGEOUS. I'm loving the little fit-and-flare skirts with sweaters this season. All my skirts are pencil ones -- I want a little mini like this!

  3. Super cute outfit!
    -Amanda, TheSensibleStyle.com

  4. This skirt is a great find! It looks wonderful and the color is perfect for Fall. Even better that you were able to thrift it!

  5. it is such a gorgeous color! i need to go on a thrifting trip....haven't been in forever. It's so annoying when your business takes over your life and you rarely have time to leave your house ;).

  6. Damn that skirt is cute, I love the color. Totally perfect for fall.

  7. Could you be any more adorable?! Love this look!

  8. aw, this outfit is too cute! you are adorable!

  9. you are so cute! i actually just thrifted a skirt too! a plaid one. also, i've been eyeing those boots because i need a pair of black booties & i have a $20 off coupon there :D how are they treating you, are they decently comfy?


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