little shop update

I don't talk a whole lot about my shop on here, but I'm taking today to share two little things.

The first thing is that I finally created a separate website from Etsy at rougeandwhimsy.com. I am not, in any way, leaving Etsy-- I have a lot of great customers there-- but you can find me at both places, although my new website will often have newer items!

Like--- my newest item, charcoal gray totes and crossbody bags. These are super limited right now; I'm desperately trying to source some more of this fabric. I've sold these at craft fairs this year but this is the first time I'm selling them online, and they won't be posted on Etsy.

They're a gorgeous charcoal gray and they are very Pacific Northwest to me-- very casual but classic. I did a little photo shoot with a friend at the beach at my house this fall, and the colors of a fall/winter beach-- grays and blues-- have been a big inspiration for this little mini collection.

You can find them for sale here!

xo, erika


  1. Yay that's very exciting! It seems to me a lot of shop owners use Etsy as a stepping stone, which is perfectly okay. As your shop grows you need to grow with it.

    P.S. I'm giving away a $100 credit towards a pretty new dress! I'd love for you to enter.

  2. I love your shirt!

    New post! Pencil skirt!:)

  3. I love nearly every item you create. Congratulations on your website!
    - Amanda, TheSensibleStyle.com

  4. are you going to be selling the charcoal and leather tote that you have in these pictures?? cause I'd totally buy it in a second! I've been scouring shops all over etsy (as well as bigger stores) to find something like that... and when I saw this post, I immediately said to myself, "That's the one!"
    Please let me know if you're ever going to sell it in either shop!

    1. oh gosh.. nevermind! i found it in the shop! i just hadn't clicked 'collection'... i thought that everything listed in your new shop was just the stuff on the main page for the moment!


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