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I write a lot about thrifting. I looooove to go to thrift stores, but a lot of you have shared that the thrift stores near you are not that great. While I would love to bring you all up to Seattle with me for a day of thrifting (we could even blast Macklemore), I know that's not possible.

So instead, I offer you some online thrift options. I feel like just in the last few months, a lot of options of secondhand clothing shopping have been popping up online and if you didn't know about them, I thought I'd share.

What is it: An app and website community to buy and sell used clothing. People upload photos of their clothing to sell. Photos, negotiating, shipping are dealt with by the seller.
My take: I have yet to sell or buy anything on Poshmark. I have liked searching through the site and it's fairly easy to use, but I think the photo quality, selection and information about each product can be lacking.
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What is it: Buy and sell gently used, name-brand clothing. In this case, the buying and selling is handled by twice, just like any consignment store. You send the clothing to them-- they market, sell and ship.
My take: Super clean, easy to use and great layout! However, the brands are limited-- which can be a good thing (Forever21 knit tops don't last that long) and a bad thing (nothing indie). Also, I'm not sure how often they take things. I never have luck selling at consignment shops and not sure if Twice would be the same thing.
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What is it: Similar to Poshmark, a place to buy and sell secondhand and vintage clothing. Unlike Poshmark, vintage is a category on here. But similar to Poshmark, photos, selling shipping are handled by the sellers.
My take: It's headquartered in Portland, OR (cool!) and it looks to have much more of an indie vibe than Poshmark.

What is it: If you can think of it, eBay has it. You can bid or buy instantly nearly anything. I have bought fabric on eBay and vintage University of Washington apparel (for the husband) on eBay to great success.
My take: eBay is really, really overwhelming but there's a fabulous selection and they've rolled out better organization of their clothing sections, which is helpful.

What is it: A handmade and vintage marketplace and one of my FAVORITE places to shop.
My take: As a seller, I really have a lot of good things to say about Etsy and I think that the vintage sections are great. Read the reviews, talk to the seller to get further details but overall, I think this is a great place for vintage and handmade clothing.
> Check out these great vintage/handmade clothing shops: fleet collection | belle whistles thrift | necessity is the mother | friendly fox vintage | custard heard vintage | miskabelle vintage | trove vintage boutique (this store is just 3 miles from my house!)

Tips/tricks to buying secondhand
Like buying anything secondhand, you need patience. You are not going to find the perfect party dress your first foray through eBay. But that's part of the fun! Take your time, set up alerts on eBay and keep hunting.

Also, as with anything online, you need to have a dose of skepticism. If something seems fishy, it probably is. Be wary of super low prices. Contact sellers-- ask detailed questions! Most people are great, but there can be a bad grape that ruins the whole batch.

What about you? Ever bought secondhand online?
And did I miss a site? I'd love to know :)

xo, erika


  1. ThredUp.com is another online consignment type shop, they do mostly name brand items, many things for the entire family.

  2. These are great! thanks for sharing always wanted to know :)

  3. Poshmark is amazing. I sell all the time on it. I also agree with Bethie, thredup.com is great. I also like an app called threadflip. It's very similar to poshmark.

  4. i've been trying to buy secondhand more often. i actually just scored a NorthFace Denali Jacket on Poshmark for $35! (it's a L girls' size but is supposed to fit like an XS). will have to check out Twice. and i really need to scope out the thrift stores here! the buffalo exchange is pretty awesome, going to bring some of my clothes there to sell. i've also been selling stuff i don't wear on ebay. trying to simplify & only buy things i really love.

    haha, sorry that as ridiculously long :)

  5. Thanks for sharing that! Twice never takes my stuff, and their stuff usually doesn't fit me, so I'd given up on secondhand online stores. And being in West Seattle, I'm cut off from decent secondhand store (I think? There may be one in Burien....)
    I will definitely try thredup and poshmark....thanks! :)

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