hat: nordstrom (similar) // cardigan: refashioned target // shirt: F21 // jeans: Paige  // shoes: thrifted

I love cardigans. I really do. And if you were to peek in my closet, it's really what dominates there. I swoon when I see J Crew's pretty stack of cardigans, one in every imaginable color.

In college, some of my friends dared me to go a week without wearing cardigans. And it was really hard and after the week was over, I realized how perfect of a piece of clothing they are. So I continued and continue to wear them because they just make sense to me. I honestly think they can go with anything and everything and in a place like Seattle, they just work. (channeling some Tim Gunn there.)

So they're my uniform. With jeans, over a dress, with a skirt, cardigans are my go-to.

Somedays I accessorize with a hat. And my friends' dog. Say hi to Oly. We dogsat him recently, and like our little monster, he is far from camera shy.

Are there things you love to wear? 

xo, erika
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  1. I love cardigans as well! The first one I ever bought was back in highschool! :)

  2. I love to wear jackets, probably because I don't own any cardigans anymore. I finally let go of the one I've had since 6th grade because it was finally way too short to be passable. I also love to wear interesting jeans.

  3. I was on a cardigan kick for awhile (and your outfit looks super cozy!), but this winter my uniform has been sweater dresses, leggings, and my knee-high boots. I will have to come up with a new warmer-weather uniform soon!


  4. no joke i bought 5 new cardigans yesterday .... i completely understand the love of a good cardigan!

  5. Hey Oly! I wear cardigans all the time...but I think I wear scarves more lately :) I'm just glad I can keep wearing cardigans (unbuttoned) throughout my pregnancy!

  6. Mine is really exciting! Actually no, mine is also cardigans LOL. I needed one new cardigan, and somehow ended up with I think... 7 or 8! I didn`t actually buy them new, but still.... ha ha

    Some Snapshots Blog

  7. I really wish I looked as good in hats as you do.

    I adore cardigans. They're perfect with EVERYTHING.

  8. Whoa! Big dog!! haha!! I love this outfit + your adorable hat!!!

  9. Yup. Cardigans are my uniform too. I had students that used to make fun of me for always wearing cardigans. However, they are perfect for layering and you can never go wrong!

  10. YES! I have a mustard cardi and a striped cardi I wear with everything. I am eying a triangle patterned Madewell one as we speak. They are so hard to resist!


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