weekend life

I realize that I don't blog a lot of day to day things.
So I'm doing so now.
A few photos from my weekend:
 stripes for meeting the husband for happy hour
 old building fronts in my favorite seattle neighborhood
milk glass planter and reading in the sun
light lunch + the anthro spring catalogue
I spy puppy paws!

not pictured:  running six miles // making my first batch of homemade chicken broth (we shall see how it turns out) // sleeping in // playing cards with friends // sunday school + church // laying in the sun// phone date with a dear friend // digging up grass to expand our garden

how was your weekend?

xo, erika


  1. The outfit in that first picture is utterly adorable!

  2. It sounds like it was a lovely weekend- especially if it was warm enough to be out laying in the sun :) Here it was warm enough for a walk (and an ice cream) but that's about it :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  3. I love that plant in the milk glass + your outfit is so cute!! xo

  4. Loving the stripes on you, what a cute outfit!

  5. Pretty pictures :)
    My afternoon was pretty busy! I shopped on saturday (happy birthday month to me!) and sunday I spent all day packing and cleaning up my apartment preparing to move.
    I hope you have an awesome week!

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend, relaxing and productive at the same time...perfect!

  7. looks like a fabulous weekend to me. and your little puppy's paws - too cute!


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