how to sew a padded ereader pouch

I gave in to a kindle.

It wasn't that I was ever that against ereaders, I just never really felt like I needed one. But to be honest, lugging the books I read every day to work and back, especially when I was reading Pillars of the Earth, which hits about 900 pages, can be a pain.

I also have been afraid that if I bought a kindle, I would give in to my book obsession even more-- tempted to buy books just as soon as they came out-- with one click from the ereader-- rather than wait to get it from the library.

But when I got an Amazon gift card from work for passing a health screening, I decided to bite the bullet.

And yes I love it.

Of course, my new kindle needed a new case. And if you have a kindle or ereader or just want to sew a little padded case, I put together a visual tutorial:


have questions? ask me in the comments!

Also, please note that the tabs are not required for a zippered pouch; I think they make it look a bit more finished.

And another addition-- I added about 6 inches in total to the width, and 3 inches to the height. You want it much wider than you think you need because the zipper will take about an inch or two off of room and you'll want to be able to take the ereader in and out with ease.


  1. I love little pouch tutorials! So adorable. Not sure when I'll give in and get an e-reader (they seem so perfect for traveling)...my first priority is to join the 21st century with a smartphone someday haha.

  2. love the visual tutorial! I once sowed something with a zipper and it was so tough, but I'm pinning this one for later! thanks :)

  3. Such a good tutorial... I have yet to give into the kindle craze.... I think about it, but then I also love the actual book... it's a battle!

  4. That fabric is SO AMAZING!! I can't get over the black and white print. Do you have enough left to make a skirt? You should totally make a skirt!

  5. Awesome! I love seeing how to do all the technical sewing things, like adding the tabs. :) I may have to sew something up.

  6. It turned out beautifully- this would make a great gift!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  7. What a cute idea! However, I can barely sew a button on...so there's that :)

    xo, Courtney

  8. This tutorial came at the perfect time because I have been looking for a case for my kindle. I'm going to have to get my sewing machine out!

  9. How many extra inches did you add to the dimensions of the ereader to make sure it would fit?

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  10. Beautiful case! And Pillars of the Earth is a fantastic book but massive...make sure you read the sequel, which is equally as immense :-)


  11. Super fun! I love this. My mom made her's too. I'll be posting about that soon. I would love to link in to your post to give readers another idea. Fun blog!


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