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Awhile ago, like two weeks ago (maybe?) I asked you to ask me the random, burning or not-so-burning questions and I'm excited to answer them here. I decided to split them up so I'm answering the more personal ones now and will tackle the blog/shop ones in another post!

q: where/how did you meet your husband?

a: This is a whole 'nother post (one I should write), but quick synopsis: I was a college freshman, he was a college sophomore and he had a class with one of my housemates. He was over at our house studying with her, and she called me over to meet him. We started talking and he started coming over to "study" more... and then we dated my four years of college (minus a short breakup) and got married after I graduated. 

just baby college kids -- August 2006

q: If you could anywhere, where would you go? (besides your upcoming trip to Europe)

a: I love France, you all know I do (especially the Loire Valley & Dordogne region). But honestly I would love to go to Africa and specifically the Middle East. I know its not the safest place right now, but I just really want to see the Holy Lands to try and understand that culture -- how different it is from mine! --  even the smallest bit.

q: I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on books you're reading.

a: I've confessed before I'm a book addict. I read a lot. I think maybe I should talk more about the books I'm currently reading but a few recent reads:

- Gone Girl: I read it just because everyone has. I didn't love it because a) I don't like books where I can't relate on some level with the characters and b) the ending was disappointing
- Dancing on Broken Glass: It was okay. A tear-jerker and interesting look at mental illness.
- The Shoemaker's Wife: Gorgeous descriptions but it seemed to drag at the end.

some of my favorite books: Pillars of the Earth series. Paris in Love. Blue Like Jazz. Half-Broke Horses. Unbroken

q: I'm a runner...well beginner sorta kinda...so I'd love to hear more about your running schedule sometime!

a: I'm beginner as well! But my schedule consists of running 4 to 5 days a week. I usually take Sundays off and Mondays and/or Fridays. I do a medium-length run (4 to 5 miles) once a week, like Tuesday or Thursday (sometimes both days) and shorter runs, anywhere from 1 to 3 miles the rest of the week. On Saturday I do my long run, which I have been increasing by a little bit each week. (I just did 7, which was nuts!)

Honestly, what works for me is consistency. The more I run, the easier it becomes. I run during lunch breaks during the week and if I'm doing a short run, I try to offset it with some weights or other workouts.

q: If I came to Seattle, what top 5 things must I do?

a: This could be a long, long post about my must-dos in Seattle, but here's my top five:
- take a ferry to see san juan islands: stunning gorgeous islands just outside of Seattle.
- ballard: my all-time favorite Seattle neighborhood filled with fun shops, bars and cafes.
- pike place market: iconic!
- kayaking in the arboretum to Lake Washington and Lake Union to go past the houseboats.
- international district: amazing asian grocery stores, cafes and culture (go to Uwajimaya!)

q: If you could dye your [beautiful] hair any color in the world, what would it be?

a: True story, I've only started to like my red hair in the past five or six years. Growing up I wanted brown hair (and smooth skin-- no freckles!) I don't know that I would ever dye my hair except to add more red (I never would have said that 10 years ago!) Maybe some coppery highlights? I'm afraid if I ever dye it the original color won't come back!

q: what's your favorite band?

a: I have an eclectic music taste (indie and country anyone?) but I absolutely love Florence and the Machine. Her red hair, her music, just everything. I also really love Head and the Heart (and lived with one of the bandmembers in college). And Mumford & Sons... I could go on :)

q: what's your fave tv show of all time?

a: I don't know that I have a favorite-- I watch TV, but usually just as a background while I'm sewing :) But I did like the first two seasons of Downton Abbey and I do love watching The Bachelor while drinking wine and dissecting the insanity of it with my girlfriends.

thanks for your questions... I enjoyed answering them. Part two will be next week!

xo, erika


  1. I LOVED reading this!!! Your red hair is so charming and downright gorgeous. <3 I would love to do a Q&A post, but I can never get people to ask me anything, bahahaha.

  2. Your red hair is amazing! I always wished I had red hair instead of brown (and that I could pull it off), so it's funny how those things work. Loved this Q&A.

  3. Thanks for answering my question. And please don't dye your hair! If I had hair that color I wouldn't touch it. Unfortunately mine is mousy brown and getting grays so I'm forced into dyeing. It's such WORK.

  4. Did you think Gone Girl was scary? I read the description and didn't think it was up my ally. It seemed a little disturbing. Also, I love your hair. People pay big bucks to make it look like that! :)

  5. I LOVE that the first item on your "must see in Seattle" list is going to the San Juans. I adore SJI, and whale watcing at Lime Kiln park. :)

    (Hey, we Seattle-area bloggers should really get together and meet someday)

  6. Ahh! You're so cute! This is such a fun post--thanks for sharing!

  7. oh yeah, I agree about Downton and the Bachelor - I love it AND hate it! And Gone Girl was disappointing. It was an entertaining read but the ending pissed me off!

  8. 1- your hair/skin is unbelievably lovely!
    2-love your music choices... those are my faves. I'm super excited to go see Mumford in Sept!!

  9. Ooh- I would like to read Paris in Love. I adore Half Broke Horses. And your red hair is so pretty, so many brown haired people are probably jealous of it, I`m sure!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  10. S fun to get to know you a bit more! I love your red hair and freckles! Also, that last photo of you is stunning.

  11. blue like jazz, florence and the machine & downton abbey... i knew i loved you!

  12. ? What is your full time job besides making fun bags on the side?


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