tourist in my own city

I rag on Seattle sometimes -- for the traffic, the gray days, the crowds (I don't love crowds)-- but sometimes I forget that it really is an awesome place to live.

I was reminded of it this weekend when I got to play tour guide to Caroline. Caroline came to the Pacific Northwest for an audition for the Sew It All TV show. We made plans to meet for breakfast and then we wandered over to Pike Place Market, a few blocks away.

It just happened to be a gorgeous day and Caroline and I, turns out, have a lot in common. I really enjoyed the hour or so we had to chat sewing, blogging and for me to show off my city. She is incredibly sweet and genuine in person-- and I loved her accent. (And secretly wish I had one, too... or at least had an excuse for saying y'all.)

Yes, the wall behind us is covered with chewing gum. I really have no idea why-- it's been like that for years and now is a weird attraction right by Pike Place.

Also, it was nice to have someone who was just as excited to take outfit photos as I was.

jacket: hinge via nordstrom // dress: anthro // scarf: france // booties: wanted shoes (last year)

Caroline, come back real soon and visit.

xo, erika

p.s. if anyone ever considers visiting Seattle, I'm no expert but I have been living in city since 2005, and I love to share my favorite places-- touristy and not. :)

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  1. I love Seattle! I've visited there once a couple of years ago. I would love to come back!


  2. My parents went to Seattle last year, and they said it was beautiful! :)

  3. That market looks amazing! LOVE your outfit too! x

  4. I've never visited Seattle (I'm not from the states, but have visited four states) but Seattle is a place I would love to see!

  5. Y'all are too cute! I can't wait for the day you get to show me around Seattle or I can show you around Boston ;)

  6. I LOVE that dress you're wearing and that gum wall is really interesting!

  7. Great shots, and you look amazing in that dress! The gum wall is so cool while also being totally disgusting, haha!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. how fun!! i can't wait to be a tourist in Seattle!

  9. I love Seattle! It is such a great place to live. Especially when it's nice out. Though that gum wall always did gross me out a little...

  10. I've only been to Seattle once, but I LOVED it! So jealous that you live there :) Your skirt is absolutely beautiful!

  11. I live an hour north of Seattle and I love to just visit and spend the day there. It is one of my favorite cities!

  12. So fun playing tourist in your own town. Your friend's dress is gorgeous. I love the back of it! And that chewing gum wall...awesome.

  13. I love the entire look. I am short but have an obsession with long skirts. It is so fun to explore your own city. I hope to do a lot of that this Spring.



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