ask me (almost) anything

I'm not an entirely open book... er blog... but I thought I'd take the chance to see if any of you who frequent here had any specific questions for me.

Maybe something about the corgi monster? The husband? The etsy shop? I'd love to hear them.

And... in turn... I'd love to hear about you. I know that there are more of you than who shows up in the comments. So if you've never commented before, say hi. Tell me who you are, where you're from, maybe your favorite ice cream? (I'm partial to mint chocolate chip.)

happy thursday friends. it's almost friday.

xo, erika


  1. Katie here! Also a corgi lover, mine is Lucy. We live on the east coast in Virginia Beach. Love seeing pics of your Monster :) Your blog is always a daily read, I love it. Your latest outfit post was crazy awesome and I loved the post your hubs wrote about running. I'm a runner...well beginner sorta kinda...so I'd love to hear more about your running schedule sometime!

    Oh & Frozen yogurt is my thanggg, any flavor tons of toppings.

  2. I'm trying to decide where to visit for my 30th birthday. If I came to Seattle, what top 5 things must I do?

  3. Hey Erika!
    Frist thing, your blog is great. You have the perfect balance of fashion/DIY things plus personal stuff & I LOVE it! :)
    I know you've blogged before about being afraid of people you know in everyday life finding out about your blogging/online shop. Have you overcome this at all? Do most of your friends in real life know about blogger Erika?

  4. Hi Erika! My name is Sarah. I love your blog! I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I visit pretty regularly. I think we're also friends on Goodreads :) I'm a librarian at a small public library in WV. I'd love to hear more about your thoughts on books you're reading. Thanks for always posting fun and informative stuff. It's always a fun visit!

  5. Hey girl, I'm Ali. If you could dye your [beautiful] hair any color in the world, what would it be? [ps. don't dye it, it's lovely] what's your favorite band & lastly...other than your upcoming trip to europe, where would you go if you could go ANYWHERE? Those are my random questions for ya. ps. mint chip is my fave too. high five.

  6. Have you tried mint cookie crunch? It is like cookies and cream, but with mint ice cream and was my FAVORITE as a kid. It was discontinued by Edy's/Dreyer's but they just brought it back! Every time I buy it I accidentally eat the entire tub in 2 days :).

    Questions- what's your fave tv show of all time?
    where/how did you meet your husband?
    what made you decide to start rouge and whimsy (blog and shop)?

  7. I`m a new reader (just followed your site today!) and my question is whether you have any blogging-advice for us new bloggers. I love your blog (seriously, it has been added to my must-read list) and would love to hear your thoughts :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. Um...who is secretly your favorite cousin?

  9. HI!! My name is Laura & I started following your blog earlier this year via an artist friend. I own a handmade gift shop in downtown Panama City, FL that I opened with my mom last November. I love that your blog feels so personal. I'm working on trying to be more open on my own blog bit I seem to be struggling. Any advice? \

    PS My favorite ice cream is vanilla peanut butter swirl. I like to eat it with pretzels as my spoon. (a close second is black cherry on a waffle cone!)

  10. Hello!

    I'm a frequent reader that has never commented! How rude of me, right? I'm Ellen and I'm a teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm also partial to mint chocolate chip. Look at us, two peas in a pod! :)


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