what i love wednesday [#6]

This week I love mason jars.
well, let's be honest. It's not just this week. I might just have a jar obsession fetish.

I love the pretty jars but I've been known to save a spaghetti jar or two. The husband thinks I'm crazy.

But I don't think he fully understands the endless possibility of a glass jar...


Source: etsy.com via Erika on Pinterest

Also, I recently created a board on Pinterest that is just dedicated to mason jars. Is it a sickness people? Am I the only one? Or are there others out there that share this affinity for glass jars?

(You know what I just thought of? People in the 1800s would think we're crazy for loving something they considered so commonplace.)

Have you made cool things with a mason jar? Tell me about it... :)

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  1. oh my, I LOVE mason jars as well right now! I am trying to get as many as I can for our wedding! They are gonna line the walk-way for the ceremony and decor on the table for dinner :)I had no idea there were so many colors!!!

  2. I love jars too! I use them for the traditional purpose of canning but I also use them for making sun tea, saving leftovers, holding my hair ties, pencil holders, etc. If he doesn't get the pretty purposes of jars, share the practical ones with him. And I'm serious, they make the BEST leftover holders.

  3. oh you KNOW i love these :) Great finds...I think I've seen a few on Pinterest too...I have my own Mason jars board going <3


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