water for elephants

I loved the book "Water for Elephants" but everything I've heard about the movie makes me think it's really not going to be as great.

But I may go see it just for the fantastic scenery.


I stumbled across this photo shoot which was styled to look like a "Water for Elephants" wedding. It's fantastic.

The full photo shoot can be found here on greenweddingshoes.com.


  1. OH I saw the same wedding photo's, (greenweddingshoes?)

  2. I saw the movie the day if came out, and while no movie is ever as completely wonderful as the book, I think they did a really good job translating a complex book into film. The storyline stayed very true to the book, and it was much like seeing a projection of the story I had in my head. The only little complaint I had was that may, just maybe, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson didn't have the most electric chemistry ever. Overall, though, I loved it!

  3. I just recently heard about this book & movie (probably through twitter, haha!).

    That photo shoot is so lovely! Ah! It's getting me excited for the warm weather & for having tons of photos shoots. Can't wait! :)

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  5. Write a review of the movie after you see it! You have such profound thoughts! It will help me make my decision whether or not to see it. :)

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the book as well and was really excited for the movie. It was pretty much as good as I had hoped for! Some of the abuse was hard to watch, but I still really liked the movie :)


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