tuesday tutorial: jar lanterns

My husband makes fun of me because I save things. Random things. The thing I'm most apt to save? Glass jars.
Jars that once held spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jam... it doesn't matter. I love jars.

They're perfect for vases, for drinking lemonade in the summer and they're the perfect outdoor lantern.

After hoarding jars for quite some time now, (and the husband finally asking me if I wanted to keep a jar before he tossed it), I took some time to make some outdoor lanterns.

Random jars (scubbed and washed with labels removed)
8 gauge wire (I had some of this lying around. You can get some at a craft store or at home improvement store. If you're using bigger jars, I'd suggest going up to a 12 gauge.)
Seed beads of varying colors and sizes
Tea light candles

I cut about two feet of wire and strung beads on it, alternating colors and shapes. Then I wound it around the neck of the jar three times and twisted the ends.

I then cut a little less than 6 inches for the handle and wound each end into the three wires around the jar.

That's it. So simple but beautiful.

Our little house has a little porch with an aluminum roof. When it rains, I love the loud drumming sound the drops make but when it's sunny, I like nothing better than sitting outside with the sun shining on me while I sip something delicious.

This summer I want to have backyard barbecues and star gazing parties and these little guys will be perfect.


  1. Oooh these are so pretty! I'll have to show my boyfriend's sister, she is going to have a ton of candles and lanterns for her wedding in September. She would love this tutorial! :)

  2. That's awesome! All of a sudden, I've started saving glass jars, too. The only ones I save, though, are pasta sauce jars from a small Italian deli where we buy our pasta and sauce.

    The commercial jars are too sticky. I've even tried steel wool and soaking overnight. :/

    Can't wait to see other projects of yours with these jars. :)

  3. I've been saving our glass jars recently instead of recycling them and using them for different things around the house. Love this idea and just using a few small beads. So lovely and simple!


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