inspire me monday - portland

warning: lots and lots o' photos

The husband and I trekked down to Portland for my first time ever.
And I loved it.
We took the train down (which made me feel like it was 1915) and is honestly the least stressful way to travel: Giant seats? yes. Wifi? yes. Reading and not feeling like je vais vomir**: heck yes.

and no traffic. sigh. It was utterly relaxing and breathtaking.

Once we got in to Portland, we stayed in a little funky boutique hotel: (ready tiny rooms and shared bathrooms.) We ate a ton, hit up Powells (which was so amazing for the book nerd I am), ate more, sampled beer (which is practically eating), ate more, sampled more beer, walked around and just enjoyed each other and no responsibilities.



Little did I know that I chose to go to Portland the weekend that West Elm was hosting a pop-up Etsy shop. Like what? Did they know I was coming? So I dragged the husband to the event where there was free treats (nom) and ah-gorgeous little booths. Lovely.

The husband limited me to one purchase (which was wise because I have a handmade addiction) so I snagged a little print from Mary Kate McDevitt. Do yourself ALL a favor and check her shop out.

Yeah this is pretty much me. I love love love getting things done and checking them off my to-do list.

But this inspired me because the shops there were inspiring and as I walked around, admiring their goods and their displays, I kept thinking to myself: I can do this. I can do this.

I came away with a fresh sense of dedication and excitement for my shop.

Other Portland etsy shops there that you should check out:

** that's French for "I'm going to vomit" It's such a nasty thing but it just sounds better in French, you know?


  1. Oh my, that looks like such a great time!! :)

  2. Yay! Looks like you had a good time!


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