small biz stories: kate price photography

Kate was my one of my housemates in college and I remember when I met her my first thought was

"this girl is COOL."

And she was. Kate always had the best music taste, had the best ideas for random adventures and could frost a cake like no one's business. (she once frosted a sheet cake with a full jungle scene.)

After graduation she follower her dream to be photographer and currently runs Kate Price Photography in Seattle, shooting weddings, engagements, family portraits and so much more.

She is beyond talented, but don't take my word for it. Check out her site katepricephotography.com for some serious eye candy.

 Here are her answers to my slightly random questions:

Describe your small business:
I was always the girl with the camera growing up. In 8th grade I took an trip to Washington D.C. and took eight rolls of film in five days. That's when I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Since then it's been a journey to get here but I've had tons of help! This is my dream job. 

Difficult question... but What inspires you?
Is Anthropologie an answer? haha. 
I love people i get to meet. And I ove the relationships I get to capture and document... I dont know if that answered your question. :)
What's your favorite part about running a small business?
The best part is that i'm doing what I love! I also love the flexibility I have in creating my schedule. I don't have a dress code and most days I'm in my pjs until 5 p.m. when my roommates get home.

What's the hardest part about running a small business? 
I'm alone most days editing so it's lonely. It can also be hard to managing time and prioritize projects. It's also hard not to want to take breaks when the sun comes out - I guess I'm lucky I live in Seattle and that is rare. :)

please note: all of the photos are property of kate price photography.

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  1. the wedding one is my favorite (i'm such a girl).

    love your blog header btw!


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