it's never too late for cake

My husband and I were married in July of 2009.

It was hot. Even my California relatives thought it was hot.

But we had so much fun... so much fun I can hardly remember much of the wedding except for one thing: I know we did not get to eat enough of our cake.


That was it. The extent of our cake eating.

True to tradition, my mom grabbed the top tier to save in the freezer for us to eat on our one-year wedding anniversary.

July 2010 came and went.

The cake stayed in the freezer.

Until my dad found it recently.

"Your wedding cake is in our freezer," he informed me.

"Ohh!" I said. "Do you think it's still good?"

"Probably freezer burned," my mom jumped in.

"Really?" I asked disappointed. "Well, we'll try it anyway."

And we did.

Turns out our cake was really good. Really really delicious vanilla almond goodness. (I know, not the greatest description.)

And it turns out that frosting still tastes good even when it crumbles like chalk.

And the cake? Not as fresh, a little chewy but still delicious.

I ate mine with fresh strawberries.

Perhaps a wedding cake, like wine, only gets better with age.


  1. Love that you tried it after that long... We married in June of 2009, and when we moved to Hawaii, we never had any on our first anniversary... or our visit home for Christmas... so maybe there's still hope!

  2. what a beautiful dress and wedding! we only got a bite of our cake...sad...and it was not near as good a year later!

  3. i think that's a common thing...we didn't get much of our cake either. And we didn't save any...but i'm not really a cake person. :]

    however, those strawberries are just callin' my name!

  4. You have me craving cake now! :) Haha. Those photos are so sweeeeet. I'm glad you finally got a chance to eat a full serving of your wedding cake! ;)

  5. We saved our top from our destination wedding and still have a bit of the layers from the reception cake. :]

    Sounds delicious though!

  6. Yum :) I got my mom to make us a dark chocolate and raspberry crepe cake to cut. She practiced a few times before the wedding so we were able to enjoy it then!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours is adorable and I going to start following.... now!

  7. Beautiful! Funny about the cake :) almond sounds delicious -well maybe not the chewy part ;)


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