what to wear

It's what you think it is.
A dress hanging on my closet door, just waiting for early morning. A slightly fuzzy photo, taken late at night. 

So, yes, I lay out my clothes before I go to bed.

And I've done it for years, most likely since kindergarten when I began insisting on dressing myself. In high school I went to the extreme, laying out every accessory and undergarment so I could roll out of bed and, without making any decisions, put on a coordinated outfit.

I can't make decisions in the morning. Believe me, I've tried. If I don't lay out my clothes, I end up staring into the depths of my closet, contemplating whether orange goes with purple or whether a hot dog would be a good idea for lunch. Like I said, I can't make decisions in the morning. (For the longest time, my husband thought I was angry at him a lot-- turned out I'm just not the friendliest before I've had coffee.)

Do you lay out your clothes? Have you ever laid out your clothes? Or is this something that only junior high girls and night owls do? 

not a morning person


  1. If I'm in a really, really big hurry the next morning, I will lay out my clothes.

    But I can usually decide.

    I'm not a hello, good morning sunshine type of person when I roll out of bed in the morning. But I'm not a grump. So I guess I'm right in the middle. :)


  2. I only lay out my clothes now when I have something going on the next day... part of that is the relaxed aspect of living in Hawaii. (I pretty much know shorts and a t-shirt will be what I wear the next day.)
    When I wasn't working at home, though, I would lay my clothes out every night. :)

  3. i love the textures of that black dress!! and i am sooo not a morning person either!! i stay up wayy late, i'm such a night owl!

  4. I lay out my kids' clothes and my exercise clothes...otherwise I can't get out the door in time. Now, I need to work on my actual day outfit or I end up pulling everything out of my closet =)


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