to market, to market

A year-round farmer's market sounds like it wouldn't happen in Seattle.

Especially when it looks like this outside:


But Seattle has multiple farmer's markets that continue all year, including two only a few miles from my house. The one I have my eye on is the Fremont Market and the past few weekends I've been doing my best to collect things to put together a display for my accessories.

I've got a shelf and now a cute little box.

the shelf is a little beat up...

the jewelry box has two drawers-- perfect to display hair clips

the fabric on the inside will need to be replaced

The only thing left is a tent. It's required for sellers at the Fremont Market and I can only say it makes sense here.

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  1. The Fremont market??? If you set up here you HAVE to tell me so I can come hang out with you for a bit!


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