My Secret

There's something about the Internet that calls for confessions.

Deep dark secrets. Anonymoity. You can post online what you would never ever say in person.

And so I am going to confess...

I don't wash my hair every day.


In America, that's unheard of. In Europe and nearly every other country, that's the norm.

And I know that a lot of you are saying, "But I have to wash my hair everyday!"

No, that's just what you think. It's common knowledge that hair is better when you let natural oils, uh, moisturize it. You just gotta train it a bit.

My beauty secret?

Baby powder.

And I don't even use the Johnson & Johnson brand.

It's generic all the way baby.

Yeah, I know it's white, and it smells like it belongs in a nursery but honestly it's the cheapest best thing that works.

Just dab some in your hair at night, concentrating on your roots and where your greasies show up, and I promise tomorrow morning your hair will be baby fresh and any evidence of white powder will be gone.

What is your beauty confession secret?


  1. I don't either. =) I've done the baby powder trick myself, but I have also messed up royally and used too much ha ha! Now my trick is to just blowdry my hair upside down, add a little hairspray and "own it" =)
    I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  2. TOTALLY with ya' sister! I have been training my hair for 4 years now, and have gone from an every-day washer to a twice-a-wk washer. I can usually make it 3-4 days, and last week made it 5 with the most hair compliments on day 5! Frees up my life so well!


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