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 I'm linking up with the multi-talented Kim of Oh Sweet Joy! for Snapshot Saturday. If you haven't checked out her shop-- you should... really should especially because she has a sale going on now... :)

A lot of my friends are getting married and taking really cute engagement photos which, of course, makes me want to get engaged all over again-- even though I think my engagement photos are quite cute.

Here's one of my absolute favorites:

This was taken in the Suzallo Library at the University of Washington in Seattle (where we met!)
Luckily it was during spring break so no one was around studying and wondering what we were doing taking photos in a library!
The library was built in the 1920s and looks more like a cathedral than a place to study and is one of my absolute places on campus... even more after this photo was taken.


  1. that is a fabulous picture!!! love it!

    happy weekend!

  2. aw thanks! i think so too :)

  3. so beautiful! i've lived in washington my whole life but have never really been on campus. that library is absolutely amazing. such a wonderful photo!!

  4. this is such a cool picture and the library is gorgeous! i love that y'all are barefoot!

    coming over from yellow songbird ;-)

  5. it's a very pretty engagment photo! :)

    {linked up with yellow songbird}

  6. So adorable, and so personalized!

    Hoping that day will come for me and my boyfriend (of 5 years) sometime soon :) I have soo many ideas!

    (stopping by from Yellow Songbird)

  7. sooo fun! how fun get an engagement shot where you met :)

  8. That is a beautiful photo!


  9. Wow! Love it! Maybe I would've studied more in college if I had a library that looked like that!


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