thrift and antique

There's a difference between thrift shops and antique shops.

Thrift shops are full of castoffs that determined to be cheap, affordable and perhaps in good quality.

Antique shops are full of castoffs that are determined to be worth something, in good quality and not usually affordable.

But there are always exceptions, and this one lay thirty miles north of Seattle. Two adorable antique shops that were filled to the brim with affordable, perfect treasures.

Did you have days of the week underwear? How about days of the week dishtowels?

I could barely resist the piles of vintage buttons

or the child's tea set:

I almost bought this:

but I didn't need it and I'm we're trying to save money.

And I justified that I needed some displays for summer farmers markets this summer so I picked up a shelf and and a jewelery box. With a little love they'll be perfect. :)

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