welcome spring

Spring has finally come.
By that, I mean the sunshine has finally come.

And I'm feeling inspired to garden,
(but not to weed)

to paint my toes

read outside

and hike!
My dog Nesby considers the view at Poo Poo Point
 Saturday was the first nice day we've had in awhile and the above photo is from the top of Poo Poo Point on my day hike. I know, Poo Poo Point (not made up! see here) is an odd name to be sure, but obviously very pictoresque. Apparently the name comes from a train that used to go up there, not, well, the other thing.

What is inspiring you lately?

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  1. Definitely gardening, getting to the park with my little ones and preparing to de-clutter again. I'm obsessed with getting things out of the house every year at garage sale time. =)


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