what I wore

For this "what I wore" post, I'm not showing off my cute outfit, but a cute hairstyle I stole from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Red Velvet Shop.

I'm desperately trying to grow out my hair.

It used to look like this:
Chicago, August 2010
And now it's in that awkward in-between length and every day I'm tempted to just hack it all off again or find someway to make it cute.

Which is why I was so excited to find this tutorial on maiden braids from A Beautiful Mess:


I don't look quite as polished, but it was a nice change:

yes I'm in my kitchen... I know, not so glam
blame the blurryness on the husband...

surprisingly not too long to do either...

Perhaps with this tutorial I can stand the grow-out process a little longer.

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  1. I have been noticing cute little braids in girls hair, I was wondering if 30 year old chubby me could get away with it...lol. I can right? We'll see maybe by summertime I'll be feeling the love again, and want to do such things! You're so adorable by the way! You remind me of my littlest sis.


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