getaway to astoria

We don't always do fancy date nights-- to be honest (unforunately) our weeks usually end up too busy for that -- but what my husband and I are good at is making time for weekend getaways every so often. The concentrated time together -- to relax, to catch up and to just be with each other with no agenda -- is something that I believe every couple should try and make time for. We don't go anywhere super fancy or far away, but just somewhere away from our ordinary.

Our getaway was my husband's bid Christmas gift to me. This past weekend we drove the three and a half hours south to the coastal town of Astoria, OR. (The Goonies was filmed there.)

It doesn't snow that often in the Pacific Northwest-- just a handful of times a year-- but randomly this weekend was the exact time that a crazy storm blew into Oregon turning our beachside weekend into a snow weekend. Not exactly what we had planned, but it turned out to be exactly what we needed. And it was so stinking gorgeous out.

p.s. We drove a rental car provided by STI and to be honest -- I was worried. A Kia handling snow? Turns out the Kia Forte was a champ, and its heated seats kept me cozy the entire drive down. Not to mention its gas mileage-- averaging 35 miles per gallon-- was pretty great, too.

p.p.s. do you do regular date nights? or getaways? or anything?

xo, erika


  1. aw i love this. these pictures are so fun! any sort of date makes me happy! we do a date night a week - and it doesn't always have to be fancy. sometimes we'll go to some hole in the wall place to change things up. we just like being able to just be us and food. :)

  2. I literally just moved from Seattle to Charlotte, NC. We took a little weekend trip to Astoria while living there as well and I loved every minute we spent there. It was such a magical little place. We are HUGE on doing weekend get aways, we took them all the time while living in Seattle. I miss it so much already!

  3. My husband and I also do mini weekend trips! We live half-way between Memphis and Nashville so every month or so we take a couple days to explore and stay in a place where the hot water never runs out in the shower!!!


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