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If you think about it for awhile, fashion blogging is an odd thing. Putting photos of yourself out there, on the Internet. It feels entirely foreign. It can feel self-obsessive.

But when I think about where we used to get style inspiration, fashion blogging seems like such a good thing. Style inspiration used to be primarily through magazine features that showcased perfect models in stylized, editorial shoots with big budgets and high-end clothing. The fashion blog is a democratizing of the fashion magazine. Rather than perfect models, it's real people. There's no big editorial shoot -- unless you call my friend taking photos of me at the local community center "a fashion shoot" -- and the budget is small, teeny-tiny, even, and the clothing, at least in many cases, is decided not high-end.

Sure, fashion blogging, like anything, can become narcissistic. It can become obsessive. But so many things in our life can turn that way. I do think a lot about how I fell into this weird thing of sharing what I wear. And I admit that I like the selfish parts of it; I like the compliments and little buzz of comments. But I also like to imagine that I am somehow inspiring someone -- that I'm showing them how a real person is wearing something. Maybe they'll see my post and be inspired to look in their closet and try something new or pull something out they haven't worn in ages. Maybe they'll feel encouraged to start their own blog, to share what they're wearing. These are "maybes" that I hope turn true.

On a similar note, I put together a video sharing where faith and fashion blogging can coincide and even co-exist beautifully over on the member portion of the Influence Network (you can find it under the videos tab). I'd love to hear what you thought and maybe what you think about fashion blogging in general. Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? I'd love to know.

xo, erika

sweater: target
necklace: modcloth (similar)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: seychelles


  1. Fashion blogging, for me, has helped me step outside the box and really figure out a piece of who I am. I used to dress for other people and now I dress more for what makes ME happy.

  2. It really is such a strange thing, isn't it?! I'm so glad it exists, though, because I love all the inspiration that comes from it!

  3. Love your words. I have such a love-hate relationship with fashion blogging and many a week where I think, "What is the POINT?" and then I fall in love with it all over again because someone will send me a sweet message that I inspired them. I totally agree with your point about democratizing fashion, and THAT aspect is wonderful. Also: ADORABLE shoes! :)

  4. love your thoughts on fashion-blogging...and love those shoes! you def inspired me to get a pair. ;) now just need to dig out some pennies...

  5. I love what you have to say. I'd rather get ideas from a fashion blogger any day!

  6. I love it and love your thoughts on it! I find that some people who don't read blogs/aren't bloggers find it kind of weird that I might post pics of my outfits (even though I don't do it much). I think between bloggers, it's totally cool and inspirational. And, it is really branching out into the rest of the world. A lot of my friends who don't blog, love to look at fashion blogs like they used to look at magazines. the styles on blogs tend to be more attainable.

  7. Now, you know I am not the most comfortable doing outfit posts myself. But what I do like about doing them (and seeing other people doing them) is that I think it shows readers more of who the blogger is. What they wear, where they hang out, what they look like. Pictures of ourselves are really the only way we can introduce ourselves to our readers.

  8. Do you have to subscribe to the Influence Network to view your video? I'm having trouble finding it. I'd love to watch it. Thanks!

  9. love this! it resonates a lot with what blair wrote the other week about fashion blogging. I only started "fashion blogging" when I realized I needed a more cohesive and grown up wardrobe. It's helped me find that and has also helped my hubby understand the camera a lot better. But yes, I do feel weird "modeling" my clothes and putting myself out there on the internet to be judged and seen. But most importantly I like to think that it's a good thing, like you said.. getting rid of that image so many of us see in magazines and showing people what a real body looks like in the clothes. All the time proclaiming the gospel.

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  11. Love that you shared this - I can totally get inside myself thinking about blogging & I'm glad I'm not alone :)



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