everyone needs a sweatshirt dress

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The best thing about a sweatshirt dress? You only look like you're dressed up. In reality, you're wearing something that feels like a nightgown you had in 2nd grade. Pair it with fleece tights (another incredible invention) and you're practically wearing pajamas to work. But you don't look like you're wearing pajamas. This is why everyone needs a sweatshirt dress.

xo, erika

dress: Gap 
tights: Macys
socks: Urban Outfitters
boots: Franco Sarto couple years ago


  1. I cannot stand how cute that dress is, you look awesome and comfy in it!

  2. I really loved the dress, it is simply perfect, and the shipping time was also superfast. Wow i am very impressed with the designer! My sister got engaged and getting married all within 45 days!
    sell a wedding dress


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