finding outfit inspiration

I have some really great coworkers at the day job and many of them have great style-- (which may be surprising for a Seattle tech company.)

One of my coworkers wore a silky-ish summer dress (or skirt, maybe?) topped with a printed sweatshirt and tights. It sounds odd but I realized that I could recreate the exact outfit with what I had in my closet.

I love that; I love being able to mix and match items that I already own-- creating something new to wear, something different.

Speaking of something new -- I also recently chopped my hair to my shoulders, which ended up to be quite a drastic haircut (almost 5 inches off). I told my hair stylist that I wanted shorter hair but it could, by no means, be "Mom" hair. (No offense Mom, but your bangs and shoulder-length bob of the early '90s is not one I want to emulate.)

I love what she ended up doing. I love that my hair cut is messy and different. And I love how much less time it takes to dry after washing it. I was starting to leave the house with wet hair, which in winter is really not the best idea.

xo, erika

sweatshirt: hello merchandise
dress: bridesmaid dress from h&m 
tights: target
booties: Toms (snagged them on major sale!)


  1. I definitely keep an eye on other people's outfits when I'm out and about and take inspiration from them! It's fun!

  2. love the hair - but i want to see it close-up. it looks adorable! i have the same itch right now to get a similar haircut!

  3. I have to work more on mixing up my wardrobe, I'm kind of bad at that.

  4. love the hello sweatshirt! love the hair!


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