things I love right now

Some days I hate the internet and apps and want to live in a cabin in the woods -- or some commune with my family and friends and just forget that we have all these tech devices. Even though my real-life job and my handmade job are both internet-centric, sometimes I just get tired of it. 

Then, sometimes, I realize how much cool stuff is out there on the internet. People are creative and they make awesome sites, write powerful words and I get sucked back into the internet once again.

here are some of my favorite sites + articles currently.

gel polish diys // I got a gel manicure for the first time maybe two years ago and it was life.changing because I am the girl who cannot for the life of her keep her nails painted longer than 5 seconds. I chip them way too easily but I have a really hard time paying for a manicure ever (I've only had my nails done like three times and the first time was two years ago) so the fact that there are gel top coats you CAN BUY for under $10 is pretty amazing to me. Cara told me about this first but this diy on beautiful mess is helpful. (wow, that was a long ramble about nail polish...)

maptia // I have a coworker who is obsessed with this travel blog site and for good reason -- it's gorgeous. Photo-driven, short posts about travels. Go here and realize what a beautiful, amazing world we live in.

noisetrade // I love, love, love finding out new music and this is my secret weapon. Artists share their albums here for a suggested donation and for the price of a coffee, you can download some incredible music.

pocket app // my bloghope friends told me about this. I am still (and always will be) a rapid blog/news article reader and this app allows you to save stuff you find to read later, offline. Incredible.

how to love a blogger // I am a blogger. I am friends with bloggers and I loved this post from on babies don't keep.

canva // I have photoshop elements but this online application makes design super easy with all their templates and whatnot. It's free. If you need an invite, holler. I have a few left.

another thing I love right now? That it's almost the weekend. And I do have to work (handmade shop work) but I am also going on a hike and I am really looking forward to it.

xo, erika


  1. ohhhhhhhh!! i love lists like this...thanks for introducing me to Canva...i need to spend some time learning about that...looks fun! and really loved the how to love a blogger post! so accurate!

  2. I loved How To Love A Blogger, what a great read!


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