a toilet in my yard (basement remodeling update)

When the husband and I bought our little house in Seattle, one of the thing we were excited about was the small, unfinished basement.

Someday, we told ourselves, we would turn into something great.

That someday has come. We've owned our home for four years and we've tackled many of the other projects it needed (painting, landscaping, among other things.) This winter we had a series of unfortunate events that led us to decide that the plumbing really needed some attention. (The plumbing and electrical in the house had never been updated.) While we were in the midst of updating the plumbing, we decided to tackle the electrical too; the walls are ripped up, might as well do it all! So now we're on a full adventure to finishing our basement.

The full adventure has meant some unforeseen costs (hello sewer line broken in three places) and some major disruption (oh hey, toilet in the backyard) but we're finally at the point where I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. After buying insulation and ducting, the husband and I are going to actually get to pick out fun stuff-- like paint colors and flooring and lighting.

the basement before. so scary.

some framing in!

we're roughing it ;)

 sheetrock getting put up!

I have a few ideas of what I want our basement to look like. I need to get the buy-in from the husband about some things (he has very strong opinions about rugs), but otherwise I'm thinking slate blue with white and grays and some rustic touches.

1. I love the mix of blue and white cabinets. We're not springing for marble countertops though...

2. I love this rug from West Elm. (Husband, what do you think?)

3. Pendant night from Ikea

4. Inspiration from A Beautiful Mess for creating a beautiful laundry room

5. I want to do some sort of paneled wall, like is shown here.

you can see more of my ideas on my Zillow Digs board.

xo, erika


  1. what the brand or model of that toilet ?

  2. This was us last summer... my folks were redoing part of our downstairs apartment and it was a mess. But now? So beautiful.

  3. What an exciting project!! I look forward to seeing more picts!

  4. Wowza! Good work :) I love your inspiration board and am so encouraged by your progress. Most days I don't feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with regard to our home improvement projects...so many things in the unfinished state and all.

  5. Rugs are very important things!


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