things the husband says

I love my husband. Honestly, I don't deserve him because a lot of times I'm a whole lotta crazy and he's the one keeping me sane. (Thank you, honey.) One of the best things about the husband is that he is hilarious and most of the time he doesn't even mean to be. Over the past month or two, I've jotted down some of our recent conversations that made me giggle most: 

sitting on the couch together looking at an instagram photo of our dog nesby...
husband: nesby is famous
me: why?
husband: everyone just likes him.

while watching TV:
husband: why did she dye just the tips of her hair? 
me: it's called ombre 
husband: excuse me? hombre?

while I was getting dressed the other morning...
husband: those are tights!
me: yes.
husband: look at me knowing things!

while watching TV out of the blue...
husband: we need to come up with a secret handshake.
me: now?
husband: yes.

the husband switching between games during March Madness: 

husband: it takes a real skilled veteran to work the remote like this. And text your friends. And be on twitter.

while (unknowingly) eating veggie chips:
husband: "i know why i don't like these! they taste like carrots! they're carrots disguised as chips!"

husband comes up stairs to where I'm sewing... me: hi. did you need something?
husband: i just came to check on you
me: oh, I haven't been up here that long.
husband: I know, but you just work so hard and I wanted to make sure you weren't sewing yourself to the wall.
me: huh?
husband: you know, didn't mozart or van Gogh cut off their ear? You're the creative type, so I just like to check on you.
me: uhhhh
husband: I just want to make sure you're don't feel alone.
me: um, thanks?

I'm sure he will say more things that make me giggle in the near future. Check back in for future installments of #thingsthehusbandsays.

xo, erika


  1. Super Cute! They do come up with the most random things.

  2. Haha I love the one about the secret handshake.

    And I probably say more random things than Iz does. Not to mention I tend to change gears mid convo, which leads to really weird conversations.

  3. bahaha!! These are too funny!! I think you should def. come up with a secret handshake!! and It's so sweet that he wanted to check up on you while you were working!!! :)
    PS I love your blog design!! xo

  4. oh my gosh the last one is my favorite! checking on you to make sure you don't sew yourself to the wall = that is money!

  5. I personally really enjoyed the veggie chip trick! Such a clever man to discover their disguise haha

  6. OMG! I just laugh out loud in the office! I think if I write what my Boyfriend says it will be something like this!


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