sometimes edgy


I don't think that I could ever pin down my style. I feel like with each outfit I put on, I have a new style. One day I'm preppy Erika, another day I'm a little more boho. Some days I wish I was more edgy, other days I think it would be great to be more girly.

I don't know that you have to stick to one style-- one certain type of clothing. You can be edgy or classic or both.

Wear what you feel like today. And, ttoday, this jacket makes me feel a little bit wild. Tomorrow, I'll likely be more subdued.

jacket, purse: nordstrom rack
jeans: Gap
booties: DSW (similar)
knuckle rings: GlamRocks Designs


  1. I also feel like I move quickly from one type of style to the next from day to day, and I love that. It's fun to dress in different and unexpected ways!

  2. Yeah I don't think I have one type of style either, but that's kind of fun!

  3. I'm with you- I love to try out lots of different styles! love your outfit! Your jacket is super cool!



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