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In January, I went to the Center for Infectious Disease in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood (if you're a local, you'll know this area is called Pill Hill for its number of hospitals and clinics.) The doctor sat me down and handed me a packet thick with information -- 15 pages detailing all of the things that I could catch, everything I should be aware of.

We went through it page by page and I left my hour-long visit with a little bit of fear of Uganda and everything there that could make me really sick -- or even kill me. 

When we landed in Uganda, I was prepared with a list of do nots: Don't drink the water. Don't touch the Nile River. Don't touch the dirt. Don't eat any fruit. Don't get mosquito bites. 

Yet Uganda is not quite as scary as I thought, as Americans might think. Yes, you really shouldn't drink the water, but it's okay to shower with or cook with. If you get a bug bite, you won't die instantly. The fruit here is incredible. I have a few mosquito bites -- so far, no malaria. And my stomach is surprisingly happy to eat rice and beans and chipatti. 

If I let it, a fear of getting sick, getting dirty or infected, could have ruined my experience. It's not that I completely threw caution to the wind, (husband, don't worry), but I engaged in life here. I held kids -- sometimes very sick kids --  I washed feet, I ate Ugandan food, and my apologies to the doctor -- because I also went in the Nile River. 

It was a once-in-a-lifetime type thing -- swinging from a heavy rope out into one of the world's largest rivers. Splashing deep down into water that flows all the way to Egypt, a river figuring strongly in history, a river nearly everyone has heard of.

I think I am called more often to jump in the river, to forgo some well-intentioned advice and just let go -- even if the path I'm following is not the route everyone would suggest or do themselves. With prayer and boldness in God, I want to live life without inhibitions, without worry.

"Since we have such a hope, we are very bold..." 2 Corinthians 3:12


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time, and I am glad you were able to take it all in, "dangers" aside. When I traveled around South America, I also received a thick packet of information of all the diseases I could potentially catch...made it through five months with a cold and some very minor traveler's sickness. Obviously it is important to be aware and cautious, but I do think we tend to err a little too much on the danger side of things in the US when it comes to travel. ;-)

  2. Fun! That looks like an amazing time!

  3. Weeee looks so fun! Proud of you. :]


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