shoe cutting party

I am going to Africa in less than a week.

I keep saying that and despite the repetition, it has yet to sink in. I think right now what I'm focusing on is all the little things I need to wrap up before I head out the door for the airport. Maybe, when I'm in the air, watching Seattle disappear from beneath me, then it will be real.

The only moment it became just a teeny, tiny part more real was this past weekend when I held a Sole Hope shoe cutting party. Sole Hope provides shoes for kids after they're treated for foot-related diseases. The shoes are made in Africa, but they're constructed out of recycled pieces collected and cut out in the U.S.

I love this. I love the tangible connection that we can have here in the U.S. with Africa, a place thousands upon thousands of miles away. On Friday night, my mom's friends and some of my friends, gathered and ate really good food and sipped really good wine, and cut out shoe materials from old jeans. It was so simple yet these are the pieces that I will be bringing with me when I go to Uganda. These pieces will be turned into shoes and I will see them be placed upon the feet of kids. Simple but so impactful.

You can follow along with my trip here on my blog, or on the trip website -- bloghope.org -- and on instagram with the hashtage #bloghope.

You can also contribute to Sole Hope by hosting your own shoe cutting party. Learn more about what they do and buy a kit here.

xo, erika


  1. Ah, less than a week! I'm so thrilled for you :)

    And this shoe cutting party?! Awesome! I have been considering hosting one and I need to pick your brain about an idea. But that can wait until your trip! Praying for you as you prepare this week, dear friend!!

  2. That's so cool! I wish I could have come. So excited to follow along on your journey!!!

  3. Oh my gosh that came up QUICK! I am so darn excited for you!

  4. That's super cool! and can't wait to follow along when you go to Africa!


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