I've learned a lot in Uganda: Rain can make the power go out, wine tastes delicious in a coffee cup, bodas will not stop for pedestrians, and things are better in community. 

I'm going to focus on the community part. 

Honestly, it's easy to do our own thing in this world.

We're taught to just look out for ourselves -- to care about number one -- to do our best and climb the ladder, forgetting what or who is behind us. 

Committing to someone and walking alongside them is not glamorous or fun. It's messy. But, if we are going to do anything well in this world, we need the support of others. 

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at asking for help. If I do it myself, I can control it -- I know what the finished product will look like. Or if I'm desperate for support, I wouldn't want to ask-- people should know to help me. 

But, but, but I know I was made for community; we were made for relationships. 

I know this is true because watching Sole Hope work, I realize that yes, they treat infected feet, they educate children to prevent infestation, and they provide jobs. More than that, however, they have created a community committed to the belief that God calls us to care for each other, including the very least of us. 

This week I have found community with women I just met -- women who sat next to me in 32D and 32C for several, several hours. Women who talk different from me and make me laugh -- women I have prayed with and smelled really (really, really) rank with. 

I have witnessed community in the families that take on school children that are not theirs. Community in how Dru and Asher's (Sole Hope founders) kids play with Ugandan children who speak a language they can't understand. 

There is community in the wine I'm drinking out of a tin mug. There is community in scrubbing children's feet. There is community here and I am praying to bring it home. 

I am a member of the #blogHOPE team, a group of 8 bloggers here in Jinja, Uganda to share about jiggers, the stories of the kids suffering from jiggers, the teams here making a difference and the communities being transformed.

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  1. I am so jealous of you being able to go on such an adventure. I'm sure you're doing amazing work over there (I'm quite a new follower of yours) but I'm loving all your posts from Uganda.

  2. Isn't it amazing how it can be easier to build community when you're away from home? Community is messy but also beautiful! I am so grateful to hear about all you are doing and what your time in Uganda is stirring in you!


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