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My question for you: how many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? And how many of those pairs do you even wear? If you're like me, you could probably stand to dump a set or two. 

Rather than just send them off to the Goodwill -- (not that there isn't anything wrong with the Goodwill-- you know I love thrift shopping) -- turn your jeans into shoes for kids. 

I know I've talked a lot about the good Sole Hope does with medical clinics and the community they've built in Jinja, Uganda, but Sole Hope also is committed to creating real, living-wage jobs. 

Those old jeans you never wear are cut out with a shoe-cutting party, then shipped over to Jinja where tailors Okello and Sarah stitch them together, and cobblers Kamagala and Zeus put the finishing touches on them to make shoes.

The Sole Hope shoemakers are paid living wages -- Okello is building a home for his family, and Zeus is saving for he and his fiancee's new life together -- and the shoes they make are placed on the feet of kids who have never had a pair. 

It's a beautiful way to recycle something unwanted into something so needed. 

Learn more at solehopeparty.org

Read more about Zeus' story here, written by my friend Melissa. 


  1. Considering I don't wear any of my jeans anymore, I could donate a ton. This is awesome!

  2. I love seeing the process for how the shoes are assembled!
    Hope you're settling back into life at home :)

  3. This. Is. Brilliant!
    I'm saving the link for the next time our church group puts together a service project.


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