Admittedly I can be a little behind the trends. Some times I see a trend and I wonder if it's "wait and see if it's it's a real" trend. Other times, I'm just behind.

Case in point. When I started seventh grade, everyone came to school wearing fleece vests -- specifically Old Navy performance fleece vests. (Anyone remember those?) I did not have one, but was able to get one for Christmas... but by that time, no one else was wearing them. And my vest went into the closet.

So a few weeks ago pineapples started popping up everywhere. Not to eat, but on shirts and on desktop backgrounds and table linens. 

I'm just now wearing the pineapple trend but I've decided it's no longer seventh grade, so even if we're into mangoes or peaches, I'm still going to rock the pineapple -- especially on this super cute tank. :)

pineapple tank: c/o stylelately
shorts: gap 
sandals: seychelles


  1. So what if you are out of trend? It's about what you like to wear and what fits you best. Right? Btw.. Love your t shirt !

  2. Ugh, I'm always behind on trends. Love the tank and your cute house!!


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