real life is not hgtv

Recently I've been watching a lot of HGTV. My mom is an interior designer and she's always telling me about shows I should watch so I finally gave in.

The other reason I'm watching HGTV? The thought that it would give me some solace as the basement remodel stretches into its sixth month.

Yes. Six months. For a basement.

Part of it is that our house is old and all of the electrical and the plumbing needed to be replaced. Then there was a sewer issue. And a dryer vent issue. And another plumbing issue. And some financial stuff issues.

HGTV doesn't show these issues. In a half hour a room is transformed -- in an hour, a whole house. Little snippets. And I get why they don't show the discussions about where we should budget and the minatue of a sewer line replacement -- it's no fun to watch. Before and afters with light-hearted banter, now that's fun.

Yes, the obvious: real life is not HGTV. But now into month six, I realize that while yes -- it would be nice to have our space done -- some things just aren't instant, and that's just part of the richness of life. We just see small moments of life on TV, or even social media, but the back story is always more complicated... like a 6-month-plus renovation.

But I will have to say, we did some major work on our basement this weekend and even moved some furniture in. The 6 months will be capping soon.


  1. Haha our upstairs is slowly starting to look good but our bedroom is kind of just... a place with a bed to sleep. It'll probably be the next room we work on but for now it is so not HGTV worthy.

  2. YES!!! we've been working on our home too and we have so many half finished projects lying around!! i can't wait till it's all done!!! your home is so pretty and i love this honest post!! xoxo

  3. so exciting! I am sure the finished product will be worth the wait. we are in the process of buying a house so I have been watching a lot of HGTV. It's addicting :).

  4. The #1 reason I'm glad we said goodbye to cable: no more HGTV...kinda. I would get sucked in and you're totally right. Rooms/Homes are not transformed THAT quickly. At least not when you do it yourself. I cannot even list all the unfinished projects we have!


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